Parents: Do you know, really know, how you think?



Why it is important to know how you think

Parents are the most important educators of their children. You are developing all their thinking skills as you listen, talk and play with them. How you think influences your children profoundly, and shapes their whole lives. Not only what you think but, even more important, how you think. 



Our Educational Trust

After 40 years in business and universities, Jerry Rhodes has founded our Trust to bring his research and teaching on ‘how you think’ to people in their homes. The Trust offers you an immediate Assessment to check out how you think.


After your Assessment

You are connected to our unique resources for yourself and for your children. Plus a regular newsletter which includes up-to-date information.


Assess 'how you think' first

Years of teaching has shown that the way to begin is to assess your own key drivers of how you think first. You come fresh to it. This is the best way to get a real picture of how you think: your habits and preferences. Your way in is with the Assessment.


What underpins the work of the Trust?

Led by the founder, Jerry Rhodes, from our Centre for Effective Intelligence we’ve been researching, publishing and teaching ‘how thinking works’ world-wide, for over 40 years. It has spread into universities and businesses with our network of associates. Yes, into schools as well. The purpose is always to make the abstract and invisible realm of your thinking practical and visible. Making your thinking visible is a part of what is unique that we offer.


Cotswold House

The Centre for Effective Intelligence


What else is unique?

The central and unique discoveries of the research are Thinking-Intentions, affectionately known as ‘Thunks’ for short. They are the hidden drivers of ‘how you think’’, your habits of how you aim your thinking in whatever you are doing - hence 'Thinking-Intentions'. And for children they are transformed as the cartoon characters, 'Thunkies'


The Thunkies

Here’s a glimpse below of the cartoon Thunkies, which are the three key drivers for thinking. We know children love them, especially because they show them how they think along with how their parents think, revealing their differences as well as similarities. This is completely unlike most guidance given to parents (and teachers), which lists 'what to do and say'. Our approach is 'how' you can think about what you say and do, not 'what'. And this is another part of the Trust's mission - to open up how we can all access our freedom for thought.

Cartoon characters of the three Super Thunkies


More about our Trust and the skills of 'How you Think' - known as Metacognition

If you take the Assessment you will discover how we are helping parents understand ‘Metacognition’ - thinking about your thinking - and why it is important. Our approach goes further and deeper than any other service we know of.  It is based on extensive research over 40 years.


FIRST - Sign up for your Assessment

It's straight-forward ​without charge to complete and receive the results of your top three drivers for thought. In addition you also get immediate access to some of our key resources for yourself and for your children.

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