At the Centre for Effective Intelligence we’ve been researching how thinking works for over 40 years. What we’ve learned has been applied in universities, business, schools and families all over the world.

The Founder is J D Rhodes, known as Jerry Rhodes, a graduate of Oxford University and experienced teacher of both adults and children. He started his career as a school master, then moved into business and finally set up his own training consultancy.

Jerry Rhodes in business mode

His work on thinking arose because he was personally looking into ‘creativity’. In his 30s he discovered he was a prolific generator of ideas. It made such a difference to his understanding of himself and other people that he began his work on ‘thinking’ and his investigations into creativity and metacognition.  

Jerry Rhodes in creative mode

In the 1980s Jerry published the first edition of his thinking profile assessment for people in business, introducing 'metacognition' into their working context. It proved to be such a success and so useful that it has been used in organisations across the world on each continent. It is translated into seven languages including Chinese. 

Our Educational Trust

Many people, who have found Jerry's teaching so helpful in their business life, have asked for it to be made available beyond the workplace.:"Why not at home?". Now, because of his life-long interest in education, Jerry has established an educational Trust, Rhodes Effective Intelligence Trust. Since parents are the most important educators of young children, the Trust's purpose is to enable families to benefit from his 40 years research into metacognition. Together with his team, Jerry has set up the Trust's websites, to support his mission. He is designing new resources so that parents can bring metacogntion to their children, not as formal education, but as part of the everyday life of a family. Together with this website there are two more: for families and another for aspiring Individuals

The Team


Sue has worked alongside Jerry Rhodes for many years, assisting in the writing and design of his training materials and websites. She started life, after university, as a journalist. This experience equipped her with the editing and proof-reading skills that ensure (nearly always) that texts read well. Her training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique took her into the study and teaching of changing habits of behaviour and thinking. When she started working with Jerry she learned about the deep causes of thinking-habits through his unique research. She contributes to this website with editing and educational research.

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Samantha started working with Jerry soon after she completed her degree in Graphic Design. Over the years she has assisted him moving from print to online. Along the way she has developed formidable technical skills which enable Jerry's ideas to be translated into on-screen presentation. All the elegant design you find here is due to Sam's artistic eye, though we are always subject to the limitation of what software is available. When we ask Sam "Can we do this?" she usually responds "Depends", which means she will explore to find out how.

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Michael provides the software specialisms essential to run the websites. His response to any question "Can we do this?" is always "Yes - but some 'yes's take a bit longer". He is never ruffled, thank goodness, because the rest of us often are when we meet a glitch. With every upgrade and development, Michael inspires us with ideas and provides guidance to make sure we can actually use what he has put in place.  

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